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We provide a means for those of great experience in teaching and educational research in whatever field and to whatever age or ability group to express their knowledge and advice.
The fundamental aim of LSF Publishing is to find those who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the education field and get them to share what they know with others in the most accessible format possible. So, it could be someone who has taught in prisons or in a nursery; at university or at an Adult Education centre. The principle, though, is that there are a huge number of people whose life has been (and is being) spent helping others to learn; we want to give such people the opportunity to share what they know with a broader audience - through whatever media is appropriate to them, be it in print or on film or simply read out.
By finding and working with these people we hope to create a substantial body of knowledge and advice which is owned by the Foundation and whichis, ultimately, its legacy.
Where a work is commissioned which has the potential to reach a ‘mass’ audience, LSF Publishing will look to sell rights to publishers around the world to reach a larger audience than is possible if the LSF publishes. Some titles will be commissioned expressly with this view. In the long term it is intended that this kind of commissioning could form a substantial part of the publishing programme.

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