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Identifying and sharing new developments in learning, promoting their applications by connecting ideas with practice of all kinds

The Learning Skills Foundation aims to work closely with a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations already working in this field, to provide a platform for high level debate and discussion around the many issues about which we share concern and to promote our findings to key decision makers at all levels of Government, local government and within the private and voluntary sectors.

We are a not-for-profit independent organisation whose focus is on helping children reach their full potential by identifying, supporting and promoting new, evidence based and effective techniques in learning. We believe ‘How to Learn’ is just as important as ‘What to Learn’.

The experience a child has through their education has a profound effect on their future. The qualifications and skills they gain will shape the rest of their lives.

Yet too many children in the UK are leaving school with poor or no qualifications and their future is bleak. We need to bring every advance in developing learning skills to bear as fast as possible.

At Learning Skills Foundation we have
Sponsored and established the Junior Memory Championship™, the Nationwide Memory Championship for Primary Schools now going into its 8th year. This educational initiative brings valuable memory techniques to the forefront of learning. The Founder, Jonathan Hancock, is a former World Memory Champion, two-time Guiness World- Record Holder and now Deputy Headteacher at a Primary School in Brighton. www.juniormemorychampionship.com
Established our charity, Learning Skills Research which raises funds for scientific research, public lectures and policy development in the revolutionary field of educational neuroscience and for other academic research programmes that will lead to the discovery of new learning techniques. We have funded a specific literacy project, The Aston Phonics Comparison Research Programme which sets out to test the extent to which children’s reading difficulties can be averted. This three year project has been completed and a Report will be published soon.   www.learningskillsresearch.com
Established (through Learning Skills Research) our not-for-profit independent policy think tank, Learnus®.  Learnus works to promote vital dialogue that will enhance understanding of the underlying processes of how brains encode learning of new information and concepts. Learnus acts as a bridge between the latest academic research and the classroom and shares its findings with education policy makers. We bring the growing body of findings and evidence from neuroscience about how people learn into mainstream and special learning believing that it will have a profound impact on our national educational system. Our membership (which is free) includes neuroscientists, educationalists, psychologists, teachers, policy makers and commentators. www.learnus.co.uk
Maths Action
A sister organisation to The Learning Skills Foundation, Maths Action is an independent, not for profit, organisation with no political affiliations which aims to help improve maths performance in Britain. Maths Action was founded by Shirley Conran OBE www.mathsaction.org.uk

We support authors whose books focus on learning techniques. We act as a literary agent securing publishing deals with major trade publishers. We have been responsible for the following publications:

"Help Your Child Succeed at School" (Hodder - Teach Yourself)

"Number Training Your Brain" (Hodder - Teach Yourself)

"Brilliant Memory Training" (Pearson)

"How to Improve Your Memory for Study" (Pearson)

"Memory Champion" (Learning Skills Foundation publication)