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The Learning Skills Foundation (established in 2009) has “How to Learn” as its central focus. We believe ‘How to learn’ is just as important as ‘What to learn' and we work to help children reach their full potential by identifying, supporting and promoting effective learning skills of all kinds.

Junior Memory Championship

Working with schools to promote memory skills for kids. 
Sponsored by the Learning Skills Foundation®

The Learning Skills Foundation has funded and established the Junior Memory Championship™ an important nationwide educational initiative, now in its tenth year, bringing valuable memory skills to primary school children of 10 and 11 years of age.

Participating schools are provided with a wealth of lesson plans, video clips, INSET packs and training materials with which to teach their children. Every participating child receives a Junior Memory Championship Certificate. The Founder is Jonathan Hancock, a former World Memory Champion and Primary School teacher. The Junior Memory Championship is an annual competition. 

Through this nationwide schools project, The Learning Skills Foundation is bringing memory techniques to the frontline of learning.  The Foundation also runs in-school Memory Days - Tailor-made Memory Days for primary schools. Jonathan Hancock spends a day in your school, showing children, teachers and parents the power of creative memory techniques. 
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Learning Skills Research Ltd (Registered Charity Number: 1124064)
Through our Charity, Learning Skills Foundation Research, we aim to raise funds for academic research (commissioned through Universities) that is related to the discovery and development of learning techniques. The first such project to be funded by Learning Skills Foundation Research was a three year project on Literacy Development conducted by Aston University. 

Communicating research to support the evolution of teaching

Learning Skills Research has also set up its wholly owned  think tank, Learnus a community dedicated to bringing educators and those who specialize in the study of the brain, the mind and behaviour together in order to use the insights gained from high quality research to improve and enrich learning for all.  The Learnus community shares knowledge, research and experience.  Our Members include neuroscientists, cognitive scientists, educationalists, psychologists, teachers, policy makers and commentators.

We believe that a better understanding of the developing mind, involving neuroscience, psychology and social anthropology, can help inform curriculum and pedagogical development that is more attuned to children's actual needs and is therefore more effective in helping them to learn.

Maths Anxiety Trust
Learning Skills Foundation works closely with its sister organisation Maths Anxiety Trust

The Foundation supports authors whose books focus on learning techniques in some cases acting as literary agent securing publishing deals with major trade publishers.

The following books have come through Learning Skills Foundation (acting as agents):

"Help Your Child Succeed at School" (Hodder - Teach Yourself).

"Number Training Your Brain" (Hodder - Teach Yourself)

"Brilliant Memory Training" (Pearson)

"How to Improve Your Memory for Study" (Pearson)

The Learning Skills Foundation aims to work closely with a wide range of statutory and voluntary organisations already working in this field, to provide a platform for high level debate and discussion around the many issues about which we share concern and to promote our findings to key decision makers at all levels of Government, local government and within the private and voluntary sectors.

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